Not Your Typical Store(y)

Taylor and I met in 2013. We got married on November 17, 2018. Shortly after getting married, we found out we had fertility issues and would need to start our family right away. When going through IVF, we found out that there are toxins in so many things that people use daily that affect more than we realized. So many different items in your day to day life affect your fertility, and your body as a whole. We made many life changes during this time. We switched from toxic candles that contained various carcinogens, lead, and chemicals to handmade candles that are made of toxin free fragrance, lead free cotton wicks, and organic soy wax. The soaps we used before contained carcinogens and ingredients that have shown to affect peoples bodies negatively. We switched to hand made, organic, toxin free, vanillin free soaps.

We went through 3 rounds of IVF which unfortunately resulted in 3 miscarriages. After completing IVF we got pregnant with our miracle baby, who we unfortunately they had a miscarriage with as well. While this wrecked our world, we made the decision to change the world we all live in.

That is how Blessed & Refreshed was born. We educated ourselves on every ingredient in products we love. One thing we pride ourselves on is the fact that we only use high quality ingredients that won't harm you. These products are safe for those in every stage of life from children, to teens, to adults, to expectant mothers, and those who are mature in age. There is fragrance for every person out there. We offer a wide variety to cater to everyone and their personal desire.

Not only do we make incredible self care products like soap and candles, Taylor makes beautifully hand crafted pieces that will take your breath away. Taylor has been doing woodworking for 15 years. He gained this love and passion as a child, following in his dad's footsteps. He enjoys putting personalized touches on his pieces that make the customer feel as though they are a part of the designing process. The joy his pieces bring will last a lifetime.

Blessed & Refreshed combines our creativity, education, and passions into a company that we know can and will make a difference; whether that difference be making a memory or giving people a healthier lifestyle.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them!

Taylor and Jenna Goodwin

Taylor & Jenna Goodwin