Gavin and Wyatt Charity Candle 6oz


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Gavin and Wyatt Charity Candle

Finley and Mia Charity Candle

Gavin was our second baby we lost, Wyatt was our third. When I was pregnant with each boy, we dreamt about the little gentlemen they would be, just like their dad.. When coming up with the candle design and scent, I wanted to make sure it truly reminded me of the perfect gentleman. We chose blue jars due to them being boys. The butterflies on the lid represent the sign all of our babies send us that let us know they are with us always. The scent we chose for this candle is Beachwood. These boys meant so much to us. I know they say everyone has a purpose, and the boys purpose was to show us to persevere and that we are stronger than we realize. We hope that you enjoy this candle and it warms your heart like our boys did for us.

This candle is made with a base of patchouli, teakwood,  and moss. This is followed by middle tones of eucalyptus, sage, and marine. To top it off, you will catch the sea salt, orange peel, and grass. This blend is truly a one of a kind and represents our little gentlemen Gavin and Wyatt. This candle will fill your home with a beautiful fragrant aroma for hours whether burning or sitting open and on display. Nothing lights up a room with fragrance like this candle. Our candles are made with a perfect balance of fragrance that will leave your home smelling wonderful, but not being overpowering.

• This candle is in an etched amber glass jar with a bamboo top. This jar is recyclable and reusable once you have used the entire candle.

• Each top is engraved with a creative design.

• These candles are made from American organic soy wax, organic fragrances, and lead-free wicks.

• These candles are hand poured in Texas.

• Our fragrances are free from prop 65 cancer causing ingredients, phthalates, carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, organ toxins, and acute toxins.

• Personalized gift note options available.

• We pride ourselves on making candles that are friendly for those in every stage of life. Whether you are starting a family, have a family, or whatever walk of life you are on, you will be able to enjoy our candles knowing they are completely safe for you and the ones you love.

Half of the proceeds from this candle will go to Resolve; an amazing organization fighting every day to help people battling infertility and wanting to grow their family.


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